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Give The People What They Want
January 19, 2015

Luxus Brut Sparkling is among the Best Fonts of 2014. Thank you Typefacts!

Typografische Interferenzen
June 24, 2014

On June 3rd, SWDZ is presenting the results of an experimental poster project between 20 Type-designers from Vienna and Zurich. We had to complete half a glyph from another designer, without having seen the shape of the other half. It's like blindfolded Typedesign-Ping-Pong, if you like. Come and join the opening party at SWDZ!

Historical Viennese shopsigns on display
February 01, 2014

Stadtschrift, the association to collect, preserve and document historical Viennese storefront signs, shows "Ausgelesene Wiener Schriftzüge" at Treffpunkt Lerchenfeld. The exhibition is now prolonged till March 13, 2014!

Lerchenfelderstraße 141, 1070 Wien
Open Tue 10am-12.30pm, 3-7pm / Wed 3-7pm / Thu 10am-12.30pm
Free entry!

Good news
June 27, 2012

Pround to announce that the LEDERHAAS Collection Box 1800 was awarded Bronze in this year's European Design Awards, received the red dot award for commincation design and was as well nominated for emballissimo paper award. Congratulations to all who worked on this project!

Leander say hi
June 20, 2012

Jobs for good friends are not always satisfying, but they can be! Like this baby announcement card for Stephan and Anna. The fact that Leander's father is a mathematician led me to the idea to simply tie a knot into a strip of paper and get a pentagon, or – when placed appropriate pictures at the ends – a baby in diapers.

December 3, 2011

Felix Auer held a graffiti workshop with his primary school children. The kids worked with master glyph artworks Felix had prepared at the basis of the Whatka! font. The results are amazing in its details... the N for example, where the drop shadow lies in front. I wish i had learned about such things at that time instead of drawing "the classroom of my dreams" or "me in my favourite clothes".

June 15, 2011

There are so many graffiti fonts around, most of them unreadable. I needed one for a railway-related project and did some experiments with an Edding. If you don't mind fonts with a minimalistic character set, the results are free on dafont.

Welcome home babies
May 13, 2011

Look at these nice fruits of a flower shop renovation in my street. Somebody alreay plucked them for me, i only had to pick it out of the dumpster.

New business cards!
May 08, 2011

February 20, 2011

These illustrations were supposed to be part of the key visual for an exhibition about jewish mathematicians I worked on for Perndl+Co some months ago. Lately, I stumbled upon them again and, although the designs didn't make it, I still have sympathy for those type-faces.

Lost Voice
December 22, 2010

Improving your awareness for what has dissapeared. Thats what I did on my walks through Vienna during the last two years. On my research for wonderful historic typography of the city I also collected its missing letters. These photos form an alphabet, that lives from the variety of typographic styles, historical background, colours and materials. Letters can leave traces in many different ways.

When I pass these places today, many of these witnesses of disappearance themselves are gone. Now they can live on as a wallpaper on your desktop!
For free download:

Fonts in Action!
October 18, 2010

phospho has its own facebook page now, with a photo collection of phospho fonts in use. this, of course, could also be issued in this blog, but i thought it would be more convenient there. by the way, i am always happy to see my fonts brought to life on posters, book covers, packaging, in magazines or any other artwork, be they good, bad or ugly.
please report any sighting per mail. and of course, wear out the like-button on the phospho FB-page!

Phospho in Typo Lyrics
June 01, 2010

I was asked to contribute an artwork for MAGMA's "Typo Lyrics - The Sound of Fonts". The project is about illustrating song lyrics through font designs. On analogy with the traditional classification of fonts, the book is organized into eleven chapters, each of which treats a particular font family and song lyrics from a particular musical style. The musical counterpart of my blackletter face "Adhesive Nr. Seven" could not have been more appropriate than "The Ace Of Spaces" by Motörhead \m/. I worked on this together with Felix Auer, who built us a heavily fuming Jack-Daniels-No.7-driven engine. The book was edited by Slanted and presented on May 22 at Typo Berlin.

Apartment lettering is great
March 14, 2010

A Los Angeles native, Lesley Marlene Siegel began her "Apartment Living is Great" series in the early '90s, as the photographic documentation of Southern California apartment building names and signs. It now comprises over 2,300 images. The majority of these buildings are affectionately known as "dingbats," boxy '50s and '60s era apartment complexes, their blank facades adorned with the signs that Siegel has been compelled to document over the past eleven years. 90 of those fascinating letterings were published in the "Apartment Living is Great" catalog by Melbourne's Outre Gallery.

Outre Gallery
Typodarium 2010 is out!
October 20, 2009

And you should act fast, if you want to get hands your copy. It's (temporarily, i hope) unavailable on Amazon. The Thalia store on Mariahilferstrasse is also sold out after I bought mine today. This is definetely not the type of calendar you can grab for free at your local branch bank on december 31st: Each day presents a different font, so you can bury your fears that you won't discover enough new fonts in 2010. January 26 and September 3 are fonts you are already familiar with, as they come from the foundry, whose site you are surfing just now!
Torn off pages can be stored in its collector's box. Only, what the hell is this marriage proposal all about, they are talking about on the packaging???

Slanted - Typo Weblog and Magazine
Pedicure, anybody?
September 29, 2009

One sunny afternoon when I walked to Yppenplatz with a friend of mine, a heap of metal letters grabbed our eyes at a building site. My friend brought it home the next day (otherwise the letters would have been thrown away). Instead of the one "Friseur" sign we expected, it turned out to be two complete "Fußpflege" ("foot care") signs. They must have been on that corner house for the last 40 years! And now they look good on my wall. launched
August 31, 2009

A couple days ago went online. The german branch of is more than a direct translation of its mothersite. Jan Middendorp, who works for MyFonts and lives in Berlin, focuses on selected German-speaking designers and their fonts and publishes articles on the German, Austrian and Swiss Design culture. Thumbs up!

Some call it bootlegging, I call it DIY
August 4, 2009

This is a Blondie fanshirt design I did for my girlfriend's birthday. It was printed with a ink-based Anajet, which would have given perfect results, if only I'd chosen an even fabric...

Luxus Brut featured in MyFonts' Rising Stars
June 13, 2009

MyFonts sends out an email newsletter to their subscribers, introducing popular new fonts of the month. June was proclaimed "Script Month", and Luxus Brut got a quite nice review:

"Created in Vienna, Austria, Luxus Brut is a formal script inspired by a shop sign in that city’s sumptuous historical centre. With its large and distinctive capital letters that won’t share the baseline with the lowercase, it breathes the spirit of hand-lettered 1950s signage. Its wide spacing and low x-height make it an excellent choice for posters, magazine headlines, logotypes, branding and any design that requires a touch of luxury and sensuality. Luxus Brut is a luxury OpenType font that comes with a wide array of special endings, underlining swashes and a powerful contextual alternate feature for use with OpenType-savvy layout applications."

MyFonts' Rising Stars, June 2009
A font a day
February 19, 2009

As in 2009, H. Schmidt Mainz will publish a tear-off calendar for 2010 showcasing 365 different fonts by designers from all over the world. The front page of each sheet shows the date, while the reverse side diplays the background info, designers and reference sources. January 26 and September 3 are phospho-days, and I'm sure they're gonna be good days to you.

Typodarium 2010