Reversed Stress Typefaces deliberately flip conventions on their head by reversing the aspect ratio of horizontal and vertical stroke widths. This is what made up the charisma of American Wood-Type from the early 19th century and the top- and foot-heavy Sci-Fi-fonts of the Seventies.

Still radiating certain historical vibes, Antipol managed to establish a new level of integrity, modernity and functionality within the genre. The family includes four upright and four italic cuts in three widths each, with an extensive character set including old style figures and small caps. Antipol’s avantgardistic attributes are most pronounced in the Hairline weight, where the junctions on the ultra thin diagonals become distinctive arrowhead-corners. Those details can be used to great effect especially in display typography.

Design: Roland Hörmann

Distinction: Joseph Binder Award 2020, Typographica’s Favourite Typefaces of 2018