A Change of Kit

© Sarah Boris

A Change of Kit aims to celebrate the 2019 World Cup through a strip of 11 football shirts, designed by 11 creatives from 6 different countries. Individually, each shirt will celebrate creative talent from around the world. As a kit, they’ll champion team spirit, solidarity and unity, under one goal – to rally support for some of the world’s top talent in football.

Launching on the first day of the World Cup, the campaign will run for 10 days, when all 11 shirts will become available to buy. Through social media promotion and word of mouth, we will spread the kit to as many people as we can around the world. Then, most importantly, and to make as much impact as we can, 100% of profits will be donated to grassroots organisations fighting for equal representation for womens’ football in London.

The more tees sold, the more awareness spread, and money raised. So build a team, set some goalposts, and join in on the celebrations this year by showing your support. We’re kicking off today, so buy a shirt and change your kit this year.